Sydney Speakers May 2017

Sean Callinan

Head of Games


Always loved to draw, did music, art, acting, singing at school, joined the local amateur theatre, formed a band, tried to find the sweet-spot between prog rock and punk, failed, left school, got sacked from various jobs, became a photographer at the local paper, became a music assistant at the teachers college,  met my wife and moved to Sydney with her, photographed real estate, ran a restaurant darkroom, went to design college, met long-time friends, worked on AFTRS student films, dropped out to start a production company, nearly starved,  did some acting, met a record exec who took pity on us, made videos for bands including INXS, Crowded House & Fleetwood Mac, made a micro-budget weirdo feature film, got nominated for an AFI award, started teaching, fell out with my business partner,  freelanced as a production designer on commercials music videos shorts and features, kept doing graphic design, interactive design, and animation,  got jack of the early hours in film,  decided to be an animator and motion designer and went back to uni, got a Masters,  started teaching more regularly at UTS,  started teaching at JMC,  occasionally get lured back to production design, occasionally still animate,  got offered the Head of Department position at JMC,  here I am!

Presentation topic at Convergence Evening Conference

“The digital natives are restless: building resilience and creative flexibility in animation & games”

Will discuss the rapid pace of technological change in these disciplines and what it means for animation and gaming. Some of the preconceptions and knowledge gaps they enter the field with. Will look especially at the type of “first in family” and less academically inclined recruits that we deal with at JMC, and outline a series of key principles that we seek to impart to give them the best chance of making a long-term career in an evolving world of animation, VFX, VR, AR, and whatever is beyond.

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