Sydney Speakers May 2017

Kiah Hickson

IoT, Wearbles, Educator

The spark started at 14, hacking MySpace to out-glitter her friends. Something about the granularity of code would resurface in her 20ʼs.

After realising her dreams werenʼt being fulfilled and her inability to make animpact, and drawn by the endless possibilities of tech, Kiah quit the corporate world and sold everything she owned to learn code. This knowledge propelled her into a world where making a difference was possible.

Kiahʼs high impact project is her “Girl on Fire” LED wearables dress, which she uses to inspire young women to learn to code. The dress is also a gateway to Kiahʼs vision of IoT wearables merging with the human body, breaking down disability barriers and access to technology.

She also teaches code and mentors female high school students, as well as founding Australian startup resource, leveraging knowledge acquired (sometimes the hard way) through past entrepreneurial projects.

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