Osvaldo Alfaro

Technical Director

Byron Bay International Film Festival

Realtime electronic immersion, film and future evangelist.

Throughout his life Osvaldo has had a passion for imagery, be it captured or delivered utilising multiple formats and techniques. This passion has driven Osvaldo in his career, from an early love of drawing then onto photography and cinematography through to today’s highly technical advances in synthetic image creation.

While still active in film and TV production crews since leaving school Osvaldo also strives to keep up to date with new techniques in software with programmes like 3dsMax and more recently Houdini FX. After working on several feature films in VFX he cemented his skills using Substance Live, Unreal Engine 4 and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

He is passionate about stereoscopy, designing and creating his own rig for 2 GoPro 3 Black cameras and a Zoom H4n.

Osvaldo is the technical director of both the Convergence Film Festival and the Byron Bay INternational Film Festival.

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