Sydney Speakers May 2017

Simon Che de Boer

Creative Director & Founder is an Auckland based creative technologies R&D collective with an enthusiast towards the visual realm. - In a nutshell, we are streamlining VFX & capture technologies - allowing us to deliver presence in many forms, a ‘being there’ sensation. Truly an absolute godsend for foreign clients, innovative viral VR / video marketing strategies & end-user experiences alike. primary focus is towards the development of immersive media' technologies. All interrelated, these covers a host of fields: Semi autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV & Drone) cinematography, industry typology surveying utilizing ground station way point navigation, HDR video, stunning in-motion timelapse techniques, FPV (first person view), head tracking stereoscopic 360° cinematic capture, in-motion 4D photogrammetry techniques and virtual reality (VR) cinematography/simulations. Our ethos is driven towards the cutting-edge as we are continuously employing new drone and production techniques alike.

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