Sydney Speakers May 2017

Benjamin Richards

Director of Creative Development & Innovation

Cutting Edge

Benjamin Richards has always been extremely passionate about art, science, technology and the moving image. In the early 90s he saw the culmination of his interests in the form of primitive 3D software which resulted in an award winning animated short and since then, he has been involved in nearly all aspects of film and tv production, winning multiple awards for his VFX work and documentaries.

He worked with Autodesk for 7 years as a technical specialist, living and traveling extensively across Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and North America, working with the likes of Weta, Pixar and Lucasfilm on high profile feature films such as Avatar, Lord of The Rings, Star Wars & The Incredibles and games studios such as EA, Ubisoft and Sony on several AAA game titles, as well as with all manner of technology partners.

Benjamin is keenly interested in the future of entertainment and the possibilities new technologies such as AR and VR enable. As Director of Creative Development & Innovation for Cutting Edge, he is at the forefront of an exciting new era of storytelling.

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