Sydney Speakers May 2017

Adrian Esdaile

Sydney Studio BIM Manager and Senior Architect

Billard Leece Partnership Architects & Urban Planners

Adrian has a strong interest in the application of many emerging technologies to architecture, both from the design tools and construction approaches. At BLP he uses VR primary as a design and communication tool. He also developed a VR / IoT system for a previous role with a big retailer.

As part of Adrian's previous role with a large retailer he was involved in the development of a VR / Internet of Things system for store design for marketing and vendor managers, taking data from a multitude of sources like digital architectural design, product database and in-store sensors to produce ‘heatmaps’ – coloured overlays to display in the VR system top selling products and customer movements based on IoT technology.

Adrian has an interest in robotics, drones and 3D printing, thinking about ways these technologies can be incorporated in future architectural projects. As well as using photogrammetry and extracting 3D point clouds from images architecturally for surveying.

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