VR Films


Short Film: In a near future, the SEED company launches with great fanfare, JULIET1, the first generation of synthetic pleasure beings. But as technology evolves and new styles come and go, it... Read more

The Giant

VR: We follow a girl's strange journey as she grows endlessly, eventually dissolving into the music of the universe. In a 360-degree animated environment, the story is narrated in a single unbroken... Read more

Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel

VR: Step into one man’s memories, into a moment that changed Irish history forever – the 1916 Easter Rising.

Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel lets users step into the memories of... Read more


Short Animated Film: In the prisoners of the future humanity is hard to find...

Adam is an award winning short film created with the Unity game engine and rendered in real time.... Read more

HEROES, A Duet in Mixed Reality

VR - Melissa Painter of MAP Design Lab and Helios Dance Company partner with MPC VR to present: HEROES, A Duet in Mixed Reality, premiered at Sundance New Frontier 2017. The project is a 2D, VR and... Read more

The Melody Of Dust

InteractiveVR - A door to an abandoned temple. A whispering column of wind. Are objects really singing as they move through the air, or is it just your weary, fatigued mind manifesting a melody... Read more

Hololens Experience

Mixed Reality - Join a 15-minute guided tour of a hands-on experience with Microsoft HoloLens and see the exciting possibilities of HoloLens, holograms and mixed reality.

Mixed... Read more

The Garden

CinematicVR - A young woman browsing through an art gallery makes a connection and unlocks a stunning world inside of her imagination. Garden blends fully stereoscopic live action and CG... Read more


InteractiveVR - "Chocolate," set to the song of the same name by Giraffage, is a wondrous VR music experience created by Tyler Hurd and presented by Viacom NEXT. In this psychedelic... Read more


Short Film - In a near future, the brain chip 'Reality+' acts on your sensory perceptions and allows you to see yourself with the perfect physique you've always dreamed of. All the people equipped... Read more

Mars IV

Short Film - 2053. Four astronauts, assisted by a robot, are stationed on Mars in an underground base for a two-year mission. As they make an unexpected discovery that will force them to face... Read more

Human Arrow

SportsVR - Living up to his name, the Human Arrow dropped out of a helicopter wearing a wing-suit this time flying through a target over the Great Wall of China. Read more

A Fistful of Stars

CinematicVR - The atoms in our bodies were forged inside the furnaces of stars, therefore it is true, we literally are stardust. "Fistful of Stars" creates an immersive encounter with the... Read more


InteractiveVR - HUE is an immersive and visually driven interactive film about a man who has lost the ability to see color. Participants reawaken the protagonist's sense of wonder and imagination... Read more

IM Perfekt

Short Film - In 2046 a young woman dates a handsome guy who has some weird plans with their hands. Read more

Beautiful Dreamer

Short Film - Facing a terminal disease, a mother uses space travel and relativity to stretch her last two years over the lifetime of her baby daughter, visiting for only one night every seven... Read more


Short Film - A futuristic short set in a future around the corner, where contact lenses have replaced computers and smartphones. Read more

Uncanny Valley

Short Film - In the slums of the future, virtual reality junkies satisfy their violent impulses in online entertainment. An expert player discovers that the line between games and reality is... Read more


CinematicVR - An Official Selection of the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, EXTRAVAGANZA mixes 3D animation and live action footage in a short immersive satire. When the viewer puts on the VR headset... Read more

Leviathan Ages

VFX Short Film - High up amongst craggy hilltops sits the ancient and powerful monument. An imposing temple, from where the Empire has been ruled harshly. Inside, a decrepit inner sanctum. Its dull... Read more

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