Ian Myles

Ian Myles

CEO & Founder

CLWB & Area 51 (Singapore, UK, USA)

Entrepreneur, and education technology leader Ian is one of the Co-founders of CLWB – “Community for Learning With Bits” (it’s a Welsh word meaning ‘club’), a company set-up to simplify and demistify Deep Tech, A.I. and STEM to help businesses grow and people to learn.

Ian's technology back ground is design centered & USER focused. Having run frogs South East Asia office, and lived & worked in Silicon Valley for 20+ years, running studios, dev teams, start ups and a facility for Motorola -  ian has a lot of PC, Mobile, FinTech and I.o.T. project experience under his belt. Funded by Citibank Ventures in Palo Alto to stand up an NFC wallet for iPhone - 4 years before Apple did it. Ian also has 2 years of banking experience with CHASE in their Mountain View advanced concept facility.

Relocating to Singapore and after almost a year at SingTel as Head of Payments in the Group Digital Life business - area 51 was established in October 2014. Client base today is UK, HK, US & Canada. The opportunity is in Asia.

With a background in Design / Mobile & Payments, area 51 founder - Ian Myles - is bringing user entered experiences to Payments, Wear-ables & Biometrics.

Each one of these disciplines is complicated and bubbling with development, but it is in the spaces in between - or the Between-ness - where Area 51 believes the opportunities for real innovations lie.

Payments and Wear-ables are each transforming business sectors and Biometrics is becoming mainstream in many aspects of digital life. Where they overlap - requires a lot of hand holding to ensure USER centered solutions prevail.

Today, he is most active in the AI education space with a deep understanding of IoT, blockchain, UX, VR, AR. Ian sits at a true convergence of emerging technology.