Simgo Asia

Simgo Asia

Simgo have developed the virtual SIM (vSIM) for mobile devices. Simgo's patented technology removes and substitutes the SIM card from any connected device with a platform connected vSIMTM. The platform is programmed with rules using parameters such as location or quality of service etc. to dynamically select and assign an appropriate SIM card to a particular connected device for the time desired.

Simgo integrates with all layers of the mobile Eco-system ranging from mobile devices such as smartphones, cars, wearables as well as chipsets from Qualcomm, MTK and Intel. They deliver a new level of connectivity by allowing mobile devices to freely choose between networks and even operators. Connected cars for example are able to always choose the best network based on coverage and price consideration and are thereby able to increase quality of service while decreasing costs. Connected cars and other connected devices that are crossing borders or leave their home operator’s coverage area can be provisioned with a local SIM utilising local data, resulting in a total elimination of data roaming charges, which can lead to cost savings of up 90%.

Simgo significantly increases manageability of connectivity by allowing for flexible and on-demand allocation of SIM cards and thereby mobile data services. In-field TV cameras for example do not need a dedicated SIM or data plan anymore and can simply utilise a plan shared between a number of devices, whenever transmission of footage is required. This way the cost of GSM, LTE or even 5G radio systems are minimized. Connected devices with a build in Simgo chipset can be deployed and moved around freely anywhere in the world without the requirement for a change of SIM.

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