NUS Bumblebee

NUS Bumblebee

Innovation & Design-Centric Programme

Team Bumblebee

The oceans span over 70% of the Earth and are one of the biggest contributors to human civilisation. Learning to navigate its waters provided exploration, resources, food, trade and migration. Much of the oceans still remains unexplored and untapped upon, because of its hostile environment, unpredictability, and high operational costs.

Come join Team Bumblebee in our challenging quest, as we design and build Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Autonomous Surface Vessels (ASVs) to navigate across these oceans independently, from the shore line and the water surface, to deep waters. These intelligent systems will need to perform a series of autonomous missions, such as visual recognition of targets and obstacles, firing of torpedos and the acoustic localisation of blackboxes. They will also be integrated as a Launch and Recovery System (LARS), with the ASV as a base platform to deploy the AUV for manipulation tasks and data collection.


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