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This Programme represents the most up-to-date schedule for Convergence 007 | Singapore.
The Pavilion, Far East Square 28 China Street, Far East Square, #01-01, Singapore 049570


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10 November
Business Summit: 12:30pm - 7:30pm (registration starts 12pm)
VIP Networking: 7:30pm - 10pm
Our additional VIP evening programme that includes:

Format: Complimentary canapés and drinks

11 November
Expo Trade Show: 12:30pm - 7pm (registration starts 12pm)
Invest in Tech: 7pm - 10pm
Our additional VIP evening programme that includes:Format: Complimentary light dinner and drinks, presentations, pitches, networking
Who will you meet: Investors and Founders of Emerging Technology Companies


TimeMain SpeakersTopicRound Tables
10 November
12 - 12:30pm Registration
12:30pm Convergence Conference start, opening address Welcome by MC Matt Coleman
12:35-12:55pm Lawrence Chong, Co-founder & CEO, Consulus
"Convergence of Minds to Shape a Shared Future"
1:00-1:20pm Dr Jeff Evenson, Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Corning (New York, USA) "Smart Glass, Driving a Smart Future" Digital Transformation: TBA
1:20-1:35pm Dr Jeffrey Koh, Director Strategic Ventures, Chemistry. UX, Design, Robotics, IoT, Tansmedia, Education "The Revolution will be an API" Virtual Reality: TBA 
 1:40-2:00pm Panel Discussion:
"Media Innovation & Transformation, Advertising, Broadcast, Design, Film & Games Design"
Moderator: Dave Lim
Jay Shah, Founder & CEO, OpenDNA
Tom Simpson, General Manager, AdColony
Digital Transformation: Lawrence Chong, Co-founder & CEO, Consulus
Robotics: TBA
2:05-2:20pm Unmish Parthasarathi, Co-Founder & Digital Consiglieri, Picture Board
"Future of Broadcast Content: Emerging Technology & Digital Transformation" Artifical Inteligence: Dr. Maren Schweizer, CEO, Schweizer World (Germany)
2:20-2:40pm Panel Discussion:
"The Impacts on Retail, Consumers and FMCG"

Moderator: Penny Wong
Matt Coleman, Director Innovation, Magnify World (NZ)
Mazen Kurdy
, CEO Stylemyle
Rajeev Bala, CEO and Chief Inventor, Rudra Labs

Robotics: Prof. Shuzhi Sam Ge, Director, Social Robotics Lab, NUS
2:45-3:00pm Scott Jones, Partner, SingularityNET. Managing Director, Six Kin Development (USA) "Moving from Centralised to Decentralised AI - How Enterprises Can Benefit from the Convergence of Blockchain and AI"

Augmented Reality: Matt Coleman, Director Innovation, Magnify World

3:00-3:15pm Prof. Shuzhi Sam Ge, Director, Social Robotics Lab, NUS "Robots for Work, Life and Success" Artifical Inteligence: Peter Lindberg, Director, Reaktor and Codemate (Finland)
3:15-3:35pm Peter Lindberg, Director, Reaktor and Codemate (Finland) “Coding For AI and Machine Learning Demystified”
Virtual Reality: TBA
3:40-3:55pm Dickson Tang, Future of Work Speaker & Author "The future of work, build career edge over robots with human creativity" Creating Great AR, VR, MR & Gamification: TBA
3:55-4:05pm Dr Pauline Tay, Deputy Director, National Research Foundation
"Singapore Technology Innovation; SWITCH, Deep Tech and Beyond" The Glass Age: Dr Jeff Evenson, Senior Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Corning (New York, USA)
4:05-4:25pm Panel Discussion:
"2019: The Next Stage of Emerging Technology - What To Expect"
Moderator: Penny Wong
Puneet Sinha
Robotics: TBA 
4:30-4:50pm Lin Kayser, CEO, Hyperganic (Germany). Leader in 3D Printing, AI, Robotics, Manufacturing
"Digital Fabrication is Transforming how we Think About Making"
Blockchain & AI: Scott Jones, Partner, SingularityNET. Managing Director, Six Kin Development (USA)
4:50-5:15pm Francis Goh, CEO & Founder, Hehsed
"Innovative Customer Experience in the Digital era" Virtual Reality: TBA
5:15-5:35pm Sowmya Iyer, CEO & Founder, DViO Digital (India) “Emerging Technology 2019: Beyond the Hype”
Round Table Host: Chris Bobotis, Director ImmersiveAdobe (Canada). Learn about Adobe's new VR / 360 tools from the master.
5:40-5:55pm Anthony Bargar, exUS Dept. Defense Cyber Security (USA) “The enemy among us: How to spot insider threats using cyber AI driven counter intelligence tools & techniques” Internet of Things: TBA 
5:55-6:05pm Dr. Maren Schweizer, CEO, Schweizer World (Germany) “Topic AI, IoT (TBA)”
Round Table Host: Ron Vining
6:10-6:25pm A*STAR, TBA
"Topic TBA" Hyper Personalisation, Behavioural Marketing: TBA 
6:25-6:40pm Keynote Speaker, TBA
"Topic TBA"  
6:45-7:05pm Chris Bobotis, Director ImmersiveAdobe (Canada) "Topic TBA"
7:10-7:30pm Samantha Payne, Co-founder and COO, Open Bionics (UK)

"Technology Innovations To Further Humanity" 

8:00-10:00pm VIP Networking

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Meet the People Who Interest You The Most:
VIP Round Tables

Included with your VIP Ticket you have access to:

  • Pre-register your seat at any of the Round Tables with our international and local world-leading experts, specialists, your peers and VIPs
  • An opportunity to gain valuable insights in a relaxed and intimate environment
  • Business strategy discussions and sharing of business insights (no pitching allowed)
  • Each roundtable running for approx. 30 mins

Book Now to secure your position at a Round Table by purchasing your VIP Ticket.


At Convergence Singapore 2018, you are guaranteed to meet your peers from:

  • Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Digital and Web Technology
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment and Game Design
  • FMCG & Retail
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • IT and ICT
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Property & Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Tourism
  • Transport


Convergence Expo Trade Show

The trade show offers a rare chance to see the biggest technologies leading the 4th Industrial Revolution first-hand, under the one roof, from some of SE Asia’s top producers and global brands.

The networking also boasts a fantastic opportunity to make genuine business connections in a relaxed environment. Complimentary canapés and drinks will be served as you hear about the latest trends across different industries.

Convergence is equal parts conference, networking event and trade show on emerging technology and innovation.

Convergence combines conference learning on a broad selection of emerging technology, such as Augmented and Mixed Reality, Wearable Technology, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Machine Learning and 3D Printing.

With a Trade Show offers a very rare chance try out some these new technologies from Exhibitors at some of SE Asia's top producers as well as global brands.

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