Tim Lea

Tim Lea

CEO, Fractonium

Blockchain evangelist, advisor, and investor

Tim is a blockchain evangelist, advisor, and investor. He is CEO of Fractonium, developing a funding platform that turns traditional Corporate Funding on its head. By tokenising the fractional ownership of assets, revenue flows and debt, we enable organisations to increase their funding flexibility globally by blending tradeable, programmable tokens into the traditional capital stack of debt and equity. This creates new financing models and markets globally, creating new opportunities for ambitious corporates and their shareholders. Tim is an active cryptocurrency investor, as well as being a regular local and international speaker, trainer and writer on the strategic applications of the Blockchain, including authoring the leading Blockchain Book - Down the Rabbit Hole. His linkedin profile can be seen HERE.

Time will be presenting on the topic:

“Facebook’s Libra digital currency - armageddon for the banks? What is it and where are the opportunities?”

With Facebook’s Libra digital currency set to launch in 2020, with 2.5bn customers this could have the potential to create the world’s largest financial services company with Facebook at its helm. And with the Digital Renminbi (being launched by the Chinese Central Bank on 11th November this year) coming out as a direct competitor for Libra the global domination of the evolving digital currency space is up for grabs and is set to get red-hot. With the Chinese involvement it will become a significant geo-political challenge given the USA’s view on China currently. Will China dominate the global space as the internet of information turns to the internet of value?

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