Cindy Lenferna de la Mott

Cindy Lenferna de la Mott



With over 25 years as an expansive leader of people, reputable driver of commercial success and passionate storytelling, Cindy offers a rare breadth of experience, depth of valuable networks, and wealth of knowledge.

Highly experienced in business operations, from founding and bootstrapping lucrative tech startups to leading end-to-end business across global corporates, Cindy’s constant is for business to have customer experience as its north star, and employee engagement at its heart.

A woman of action, Cindy makes things happen by harnessing collaboration within leadership teams, fostering positive culture, managing risk by applying sound decision making through data intelligence and impeccable judgement.

Cindy’s vision and understanding of ‘what is around the corner’, and the effects of working in the future, drives her purpose to effectively prepare and implement digital and growth strategies so that companies, and people can adapt to rapidly evolving market and customer expectations - in time.

Cindy’s ultimate value within an organisation goes beyond what she achieves, to how she achieves results by ‘unlocking the people potential’ to drive competitive advantage. In Cindy’s experience, developing an engaged, positive culture is what drives real, valuable and lasting change. It’s where the magic happens.

Cindy's core expertise includes; the Future Of Work, Expansive Leadership, Innovation and Technology, Customer and Relationship Driven.

Cindy joins the panel discussion:

“The Future of Work”

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