Jack Gillespie

Jack Gillespie

Specialist Director, Digital Reality

Deloitte Digital

Jack leads Deloitte’s Digital Reality team which is one of the longest-running and largest Unity teams in Australia. With over seven years of experience, Jack is an expert creative-technologies solutions-architect.Jack is passionate about using real-time technology to deliver transformational brand experiences, enhance the world using AR, deliver effective training through VR, and revolutionise product personalisation and pre-visualization.

Recent projects include delivering two enterprise digital-retail solutions, two AR experiences to drive national retail campaigns, and designed two cutting edge brand experiences; a Discovery Centre to change hearts and minds and innovative street-furniture.

Jack will be presenting on the topic:

“Where's the boom? Why is enterprise emerging tech so hard?”

Given the rapid advancements in emerging technologies over the past 24 months, why are futurist vendors struggling to make things stick? Join Jack for an exploration of the state of emtech for enterprise. Drawing on personal expertise and industry connections Jack will break down the big challenges, opportunities and danger zones that every innovation project faces. With value for both buyers and vendors alike, come hear a good-natured rant about how the world could be so much better if we could all just get on the same page when it comes to innovation!

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