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Pete Short is an Australia filmmaker internationally recognised for his work in virtual reality storytelling. He acknowledges that his life has been a constant pursuit for balance between his two passions - creativity and technology.

It was in 2015, with the dawn of VR storytelling, that Pete found his calling. He was appointed as the CTO of Breaking Fourth, a London-based VR story studio. Quickly thereafter Pete was also made one of their in-house directors and producers where he worked across all of their productions. Being in London and surrounded by so much theatre, they were keen to explore how the new medium could learn from its elders. This led them to focus on story, character and location rather than on the technology behind it. The studio gained international recognition for their work and Pete became a leader in the exciting new world of VR storytelling. His most recent production, Lucid, was selected for many festivals around the world including Best VR Story at the Venice International Film Festival.

Pete has now returned to Australia and founded Dreamr Studios with the sole ambition to make Australia the home of VR content. With the support of Create NSW and the ABC, he is currently working on his next major film production which he has co-written with New York Times Best Selling Author, Garth Nix. He is also working with a variety of commercial industries as they embrace immersive technology.

For such a new medium, there are very few people who can say they have worked as a director, producer, writer, creative director, technical director and animator. Pete is one of these people.

Pete will be presenting on the topic of:

“Virtual Reality Storytelling for Commercial Industries”

Regardless of the industry, people are recognising the potential of virtual reality and other immersive technologies. But how do we apply this tech to industries with established workflows and expectations? Pete Short takes a look at his success with using virtual reality for storytelling and how his team are now using this knowledge to approach commercial industries.

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