Dr Thomas Starke

Dr Thomas Starke

CEO at AAAQuants

exRolls-Royce & Senior Researcher Oxford University

Dr Thomas Starke is the CEO of AAAQuants, a consultancy firm for algorithmic trading and AI and leads a quantitative trading team in one of Australia's largest proprietary trading firms. Thomas has a PhD in Physics and worked as principal engineer at Rolls-Royce and held a senior research position at Oxford University.

An intelligent machine that generates profits by autonomously trading on the stock market is a dream scenario for almost anyone who is interested in investing. With the introduction of reinforcement learning it seems that we are getting much closer to this goal. However, markets behave differently from computer games and present different challenges than most other applications of AI systems. This talk will look at the problem, possible approaches, road blocks and solutions on the way to implement fully autonomous trading systems.

Topic for Dr Thomas presentation topic at Convergence:

“Artificial Intelligence in trading: approaches, challenges and opportunities.”

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