Penny Wong

Penny Wong

CEO, Radmis

Emerging Technology Consultant

With the vision of a futurist, experience of a technologist, mindset of an entrepreneur and heart of a humanist, Penny is an emerging technology consultant and Director/CEO of Radmis, an AI enabled enterprise platform helping clients bring their systems to life through AI, natural language voice to realise opportunities, efficiency, cost gains through automation and digital transformation.

Penny’s lifetime mission is to utilise AI to transform the Aged Care sector. She advocates technology for good, in connecting people and helping to create profound and positive impacts to society. Penny is a Supervisory Council member for SingularityNET (robot Sophia), works with Australian State and Federal governments, connects with the global community across ecosystems and networks, speaking in Australia and overseas on topics such as successful business in 4IR, governance, diversity, ethics in AI, decentralised systems and sustainability. As a Partner at Lindendale Group she focuses on innovation in government, facilitating leadership and industry collaboration.

Penny studied computer science, holds a Grad Cert of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, as well as a Master of International Business & Law from the University of Sydney.

 Penny joins the panel discussion:

“The Future of Work”

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