Jeremy Harkins

Jeremy Harkins

Director, ineni Realtime

& Adjunct Associate Lecturer

Jeremy Harkins is the Director and co-founder of “ineni Realtime”, an innovative technology company focused on the development of the Realtime Visualisation Industry. Jeremy is at the leading edge of real-time virtual technologies and has spoken internationally about 3D immersive environments, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) for architecture, infrastructure and smart cities.

Jeremy is aimed at commercialising and integrating new technologies into the Architecture, Planning, infrastructure and Construction industries. His company has partnered with world leaders in building automation, integrated systems and business process management and is providing cutting edge visual solutions for some of the largest and most complex developments in the world.

With over 15 years of experience in Architectural Technologies, Jeremy has been a lecturer at an international university (UNSW) helping to educate industry in what can be possible, and is currently focussed on the rapid growth and positioning of “ineni Realtime” as market leaders.

Topic for Jeremy Harkins presentation topic at Convergence:

“The Value of Virtual Space”

With the developing ubiquity of Mixed Realities in our daily lives, the abstract or virtual layer of reality is revealing to both users and creators a new set of of properties to engage with, on top of the existing physical laws of our universe.To this end over the last few years, we have seen excellent examples of both AR and VR generating novel ways to play, work and interact with each other and our background technology, with MR use cases being developed across almost all industries (medicine, construction, mining, agriculture, etc.).

We are seeing real value generated by MR beyond the entertainment space, based on the current tranche of MR hardware, though stepping aside from the devices we use, conceptually can we identify any inherent value of virtual space? For instance, in physical reality, there is an inherent value associated to a plot of land, which is why we have the property market. What is the equivalent to this in virtual space?

This presentation will explore both the current and future value of virtual space. Looking at what we know and what we imagine.

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