Suchet Bargoti

Suchet Bargoti


Abyss Solutions

Suchet Bargoti is the CTO at Abyss Solution, leading the technical vision for data driven infrastructure assessments. Working with a team of roboticists, data scientists, software and civil engineers, the company leads innovation in robotics and A.I. to provide unique and valuable asset management insights. Abyss operates across a range of markets such as the water sector, shipping and Oil & Gas, where it manages and processes terabytes of visual data, efficiently returning comprehensive review of critical assets.

Suchet comes from a background and passion in field robotics, with a particular focus in enabling machines to perceive the world around and make autonomous data-driven decisions. Before Abyss, Suchet completed his PhD at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney, Australia. His research impacted autonomy, data gathering and decision making in the agricultural domain, particularly targeting how drones and visual data can be used to monitor farm heath. Beyond this research, Suchet has also engaged with projects in urban automation, underwater mapping and space exploration. Experience in such diverse set of applications allows him to lead and grow the technical vision at Abyss Solutions.

Suchet's presentation at Convergence:

'Field Robotics, VR and Machine Learning for Remote Inspections'

Robotic systems are increasingly being used to reduce costs, risks and disruptions associated with structural inspections of remote assets such as ships, offshore rigs and underwater pipelines. These systems can enable dense high quality data capture, which allow for accurate remote inspections without having a person on site. Designing and deploying robotics platforms pose a range of challenges in different industries. Furthermore, conventional manual data processing is often laborious, sparse and prone to subjective bias, which results in incomplete and inaccurate understanding of the structural health of assets. This talk presents key innovation in field robotics, machine learning and data analytics, that are addressing these challenges and are transforming how infrastructure inspections industry.

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