Dr Fang Chen

Dr Fang Chen

Executive Director Data Science

Distinguished Professor UTS

Dr. Fang Chen was was appointed as the Associate Professor in Beijing Jiaotong University 1995, as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Science in 1996, and then as the Dean of Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering in 1997.

Dr. Chen began her career in industry in 1999 as senior researcher and Team Leader in Intel China Research Centre. She joined Motorola in 2000 as Principal Researcher and founding manager of the Speech and Language Generation Research Lab of Motorola China Research Center, where she also acted as the account manager of business relationships for the Motorola China Research Center. Dr. Chen moved to Australia in 2002 to work for the Motorola Australian Research Center, where she chaired the Patent and Publication Committees.

She joined NICTA in 2004 and is currently the Research Group Leader and Senior Principal Researcher in Data61, CSIRO.

Dr. Fang Chen has created many world-class solutions throughout her career. She leads many task-forces with the goal of utilising data analytics and computational platforms with scales and impacts both national and international. She has helped many industries towards excelling by better solutions to increase productivity, profitability and better customer satisfaction. She has achieved great success in many technical solutions and gained industry recognition such as the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) Australia National Award 2014 and 2015. She is the “Water Professional of the Year” awarded by Australian Water Association (AWA) NSW on her exceptional leadership and achievements in helping water sector through innovative solutions. The Smart Infrastructure team she led won the australian leading science award Australian Museum Eureka Prize 2018 for Excellence in Data Science.

Dr Chen has more than 280 refereed publications and has filed more than 30 patents in 8 countries. She received "Brian Shackle Award" in 2017 is in recognition of the most outstanding contribution with international impact in the field of human interaction with, and human use of, computers and information technology.

She is the Executive Director Data Science and Distinguished Professor, the University of Technology Sydney.

Dr Fang Chen will be presenting on the topic:

“Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning with Impact”

In the digital era, AI and Machine Learning helps industries to harness the power of data - more efficient operations, more cost savings, higher profits and happier customers. It has the capability to rapidly revolutionise traditional solutions and ways of thinking in the industry, provided that it can be followed up with real world applications and impact. This talk shares insights of how to create innovative AI/ML solutions with huge versatility and international impact.


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