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Featuring the Latest Technologies From 30 World-Renowned Experts, including:

Kris Skrinak (New York, USA)

Kris Skrinak (New York, USA)

Global Machine Learning Segment Lead

Amazon Web Services

Kris is a Partner Solutions Architect and the Global Machine Learning Segment Lead at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). He co-founded the Machine Learning group for the APN in 2017. Kris started his career as a Quantitative Strategist at Goldman Sachs, developed predictive maintenance apps as an AI Engineer at ATT, and prior to AWS was Computer Vision Architect at GoPro. Kris founded and sold two Silicon Valley startups in Finance and Network Monitoring: ClearStation and SiteRock. As the technical lead for horizontal support of AI/ML he's the 1st line of support for AWS Partners looking to develop or expand their use these technologies across all industries.

Kris enables Amazon Network Partners to get the most value from their relationship with AWS. This includes advice and guidance on all aspects of the AWS ecosystem and importantly the 5 Pillars of Well Architected design: Security, Reliability, Performance, Cost Optimization, and Operational Excellence.

With an education is in Mathematics, Kris started his career in New York as a Quantitative Strategist at Goldman Sachs and started working with AI at ATT. Kris dove deep into computer vision at GoPro where he developed apps that did automated editing and event recognition using convolutional neural networks in TensorFlow. At AWS since May of 2017 he's been working with a broad range of company profiles from startups to Fortune 100 across the globe to understand this exciting new technology and find practical applications within for each indvidual business.

Kris is the technical lead for horizontal support of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This means he is the 1st line of support for APN Partners looking to develop or expand their use of AI and especially Machine Learning technologies across all vertical markets and industries.

Kris will presenting on the topic:

“Deep Learning: The Broadest and Deepest Set of Capabilities”

In the presentation I cover the art of the possible in AI and Machine Learning on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a focus on deep learning ("DL") and the endless capabilities provided by the Amazon Partner Network. Amazon's SageMaker, the industry-leading platform for training and deploying machine learning at scale, is at the heart of this innovation boom.

Deep Learning is far more than a subset of Artificial Intelligence: it's a fundamental breakthrough in software engineering. Because prediction is the essential aspect of decision making DL is pervasive and applied DL is thriving in every industry from finance & services to energy & mining, media & entertainment to property & construction, and of course all things digital.

This presentation is for Entrepreneurs, Executives, Innovators, Inventors, Enthusiasts, Experts in Applied AI, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cognitive Analytics, you name it. Deep learning is the secret weapon of the A-team of every team.


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Joanna Popper (USA)

Joanna Popper (USA)

Global Head VR for LBE, HP

exSingularity University and NBCUniversal

Joanna Popper is a Hollywood and Silicon Valley media executive with experience including VR/AR/MR/XR, Location Based Entertainment, TV, Film, Digital, Social, OTT and Tech. She recently became HP’s Global Lead for Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment (LBE), the current hot ticket in world leading VR experiences. Companies like Sandbox (invest $68USD million) and The Void (James Murdoch invest $20USD million) are leading the next wave of VR technology and Joanna is one of the world's top experts on VR LBE experiences.

Prior she was the EVP of Media and Marketing at Singularity University, a Google-sponsored NASA-based company that trains leaders on emerging technology, and VP Marketing at NBCUniversal.

Joanna is an award-winning strategic creative media, content and brand builder with track record of launching successful global multiplatform projects, partnerships and programs to drive audience growth, revenue, interest and impact. With a forward-looking approach using insights, creative storytelling and innovation to connect with audiences, foster experiences and drive behavior with the latest emerging technology.

Joanna developed a TV show partnership with NBC and Singularity University for “The Awesome Show,” a new broadcast TV series on tech and innovation produced by Mark Burnett with host Chris Hardwick. She is advising many immersive computing and digital media companies focused on VR gaming, holograms, haptic touch and video engagement as well as developing VR/AR content in the education and healthcare industries.

Joanna is an international speaker on VR and immersive technology, entertainment, future of media, marketing, innovation, retail, sports, journalism and diversity at events like SXSW, CES, AWE, LA Game Conference, VR/AR Global Summit. Joanna is on the “Coalition for the Women in XR Fund” and was selected as one of “50 Women Can Change the World in Media and Entertainment” by Take the Lead Women.

Joanna will be presenting on the topic:

“Around the World in Virtual Reality”

In search for driving revenue, efficiency, innovation and customer satisfaction, companies have turned to gamification, interactivity and immersion for training, marketing, visualisation, product development and sales, entertainment and more in the emerging Virtual Reality market. Joanna highlights global case studies of what’s working and what’s not in Virtual Reality, and the technology that drives these compelling new experiences. Including some of the latest in haptics (where you "feel" the experiences physically) and the latest HP VR laptop backpacks (see the video below).

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Jody Belliveau (USA)

Jody Belliveau (USA)

Executive Director / Producer, FoxNext

exDisney, exJaunt VR

Jody Tyree-Belliveau most recently was the XR consumer product manager for the FoxNext VR Studio (a company owned by Disney), where they focused on extending Fox brand and content into all immersive storytelling mediums. She has been an interactive producer and product manager for over 15 years working for top brands including 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Jaunt VR, Disney Interactive Entertainment and Lexus.

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Dr Ian Oppermann

Dr Ian Oppermann

NSW Chief Data Scientist

CEO, NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC)

Ian is the NSW Government’s Chief Data Scientist and CEO of the NSW Data Analytics Centre. Ian is the CEO and Chief Data Scientist of the New South Wales Data Analytics Centre. With 25 years’ experience in the Information and Communication Technology sector, Ian has led organisations with more than 300 personnel, delivering products and outcomes that have impacted hundreds of millions of people globally. He has held senior management roles in Europe and Australia including Director for Radio Access Performance at Nokia, Global Head of Sales Partnering at Nokia Siemens Networks, and Divisional Chief and Flagship Director at the CSIRO.

Regarded as a thought leader in the area of the Digital Economy, Ian is a regular speaker on “Big data”, broadband enabled services, and the impact of technology on society.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers Australia, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, Vice President of the Australian Computer Society, and a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Ian has a Master of Business Administration from the University of London and a PhD in Mobile Telecommunications from the University of Sydney.

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Dr Fang Chen

Dr Fang Chen

Executive Director Data Science

Distinguished Professor UTS

Dr. Fang Chen was was appointed as the Associate Professor in Beijing Jiaotong University 1995, as the Deputy Director of the Institute of Information Science in 1996, and then as the Dean of Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering in 1997.

Dr. Chen began her career in industry in 1999 as senior researcher and Team Leader in Intel China Research Centre. She joined Motorola in 2000 as Principal Researcher and founding manager of the Speech and Language Generation Research Lab of Motorola China Research Center, where she also acted as the account manager of business relationships for the Motorola China Research Center. Dr. Chen moved to Australia in 2002 to work for the Motorola Australian Research Center, where she chaired the Patent and Publication Committees.

She joined NICTA in 2004 and is currently the Research Group Leader and Senior Principal Researcher in Data61, CSIRO.

Dr. Fang Chen has created many world-class solutions throughout her career. She leads many task-forces with the goal of utilising data analytics and computational platforms with scales and impacts both national and international. She has helped many industries towards excelling by better solutions to increase productivity, profitability and better customer satisfaction. She has achieved great success in many technical solutions and gained industry recognition such as the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) Australia National Award 2014 and 2015. She is the “Water Professional of the Year” awarded by Australian Water Association (AWA) NSW on her exceptional leadership and achievements in helping water sector through innovative solutions. The Smart Infrastructure team she led won the australian leading science award Australian Museum Eureka Prize 2018 for Excellence in Data Science.

Dr Chen has more than 280 refereed publications and has filed more than 30 patents in 8 countries. She received "Brian Shackle Award" in 2017 is in recognition of the most outstanding contribution with international impact in the field of human interaction with, and human use of, computers and information technology.

She is the Executive Director Data Science and Distinguished Professor, the University of Technology Sydney.

Dr Fang Chen will be presenting on the topic:

“Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning with Impact”

In the digital era, AI and Machine Learning helps industries to harness the power of data - more efficient operations, more cost savings, higher profits and happier customers. It has the capability to rapidly revolutionise traditional solutions and ways of thinking in the industry, provided that it can be followed up with real world applications and impact. This talk shares insights of how to create innovative AI/ML solutions with huge versatility and international impact.


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Natasha Huang

Natasha Huang

Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand

UBTECH Robotics

Natasha has worked with AI, big data, industrial/automation solutions for over 12 years. At UBTECH she is the Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. UBTECH is a unicorn company (ranked alongside Uber) with a $5 billion valuation. It has raised in total over $1 billion, investing over 60% of its expenses for R&D innovation. 

Natasha has rich experience in supply chain efficiency & flexibility with front end customer service data into corporate measurable decision-making models. She has helped client develop strategic plan involving multiple AI solution partners and leverage client in-house resources to build up a completed range of solutions offering for both private sector and biding/participating for governments contracts. She has also specialized in corporate relationships and strategic partnership management, as well as altering/integrating solution offerings through communication with institutes for local regulation and legal restrictions in new technology and innovation projects.  Aside from the Australia market, in the past she has worked in the Czech Republic, Shanghai, Singapore and United States on projects with local enterprise partner/clients.
Natasha works with robotics products that range from educational robots to enterprise solutions and bipedal robots, vertical markets including healthcare,  transport, retails, telecom, finance, education, hospitality and government. Service robots could be used on wayfinding, translation, concierge, customer services, patient care and vertical market content based voice conversation...etc. Currently, UBTECH is the sole service robotic solution partner for Telstra and Amazon Robomaker.
Prior to UBTECH, Natasha spent years at Pegatron, a Fortune 500 company, leading a cross-functional team that worked on AppleCare's global service, involving centralized big data, AI, integrated machine learning processes, and front end solutions/ASP management
Natasha will be presenting on the topic:

“How can the AI you invested in manifest on a robot? Can robots be  more then a marketing stunt?”


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Daniel Formoso

Daniel Formoso

Machine Learning, AI


Daniel Formoso is a Machine Learning and AI Cloud Consultant within the Professional Services Organisation (PSO) of Google Australia.

As a professional services consultant his role is to help large enterprises adopt and make best use of cloud computing for machine learning use cases through technical leadership, guidance, and implementation.

Daniel holds a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering, and a Masters Degree in Data Science. He has over 12 years of experience helping organisations across a wide range of industries including Telecom, Government, Education, Retail, Software, Utilities and Healthcare

Daniel will be presenting the topic of:

"Democratizing AI through cloud services"

An exploration of how cloud services function as a bridge between the enterprise world and AI innovations, told through the lens of customer stories.

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Dr Thomas Starke

Dr Thomas Starke

CEO at AAAQuants

exRolls-Royce & Senior Researcher Oxford University

Dr Thomas Starke is the CEO of AAAQuants, a consultancy firm for algorithmic trading and AI and leads a quantitative trading team in one of Australia's largest proprietary trading firms. Thomas has a PhD in Physics and worked as principal engineer at Rolls-Royce and held a senior research position at Oxford University.

An intelligent machine that generates profits by autonomously trading on the stock market is a dream scenario for almost anyone who is interested in investing. With the introduction of reinforcement learning it seems that we are getting much closer to this goal. However, markets behave differently from computer games and present different challenges than most other applications of AI systems. This talk will look at the problem, possible approaches, road blocks and solutions on the way to implement fully autonomous trading systems.

Topic for Dr Thomas presentation topic at Convergence:

“Artificial Intelligence in trading: approaches, challenges and opportunities.”

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Jeremy Harkins

Jeremy Harkins

Director, ineni Realtime

& Adjunct Associate Lecturer

Jeremy Harkins is the Director and co-founder of “ineni Realtime”, an innovative technology company focused on the development of the Realtime Visualisation Industry. Jeremy is at the leading edge of real-time virtual technologies and has spoken internationally about 3D immersive environments, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) for architecture, infrastructure and smart cities.

Jeremy is aimed at commercialising and integrating new technologies into the Architecture, Planning, infrastructure and Construction industries. His company has partnered with world leaders in building automation, integrated systems and business process management and is providing cutting edge visual solutions for some of the largest and most complex developments in the world.

With over 15 years of experience in Architectural Technologies, Jeremy has been a lecturer at an international university (UNSW) helping to educate industry in what can be possible, and is currently focussed on the rapid growth and positioning of “ineni Realtime” as market leaders.

Topic for Jeremy Harkins presentation topic at Convergence:

“The Value of Virtual Space”

With the developing ubiquity of Mixed Realities in our daily lives, the abstract or virtual layer of reality is revealing to both users and creators a new set of of properties to engage with, on top of the existing physical laws of our universe.To this end over the last few years, we have seen excellent examples of both AR and VR generating novel ways to play, work and interact with each other and our background technology, with MR use cases being developed across almost all industries (medicine, construction, mining, agriculture, etc.).

We are seeing real value generated by MR beyond the entertainment space, based on the current tranche of MR hardware, though stepping aside from the devices we use, conceptually can we identify any inherent value of virtual space? For instance, in physical reality, there is an inherent value associated to a plot of land, which is why we have the property market. What is the equivalent to this in virtual space?

This presentation will explore both the current and future value of virtual space. Looking at what we know and what we imagine.

Pete Short

Pete Short


Dreamr Studios

Pete Short is an Australia filmmaker internationally recognised for his work in virtual reality storytelling. He acknowledges that his life has been a constant pursuit for balance between his two passions - creativity and technology.

It was in 2015, with the dawn of VR storytelling, that Pete found his calling. He was appointed as the CTO of Breaking Fourth, a London-based VR story studio. Quickly thereafter Pete was also made one of their in-house directors and producers where he worked across all of their productions. Being in London and surrounded by so much theatre, they were keen to explore how the new medium could learn from its elders. This led them to focus on story, character and location rather than on the technology behind it. The studio gained international recognition for their work and Pete became a leader in the exciting new world of VR storytelling. His most recent production, Lucid, was selected for many festivals around the world including Best VR Story at the Venice International Film Festival.

Pete has now returned to Australia and founded Dreamr Studios with the sole ambition to make Australia the home of VR content. With the support of Create NSW and the ABC, he is currently working on his next major film production which he has co-written with New York Times Best Selling Author, Garth Nix. He is also working with a variety of commercial industries as they embrace immersive technology.

For such a new medium, there are very few people who can say they have worked as a director, producer, writer, creative director, technical director and animator. Pete is one of these people.

Pete will be presenting on the topic of:

“Virtual Reality Storytelling for Commercial Industries”

Regardless of the industry, people are recognising the potential of virtual reality and other immersive technologies. But how do we apply this tech to industries with established workflows and expectations? Pete Short takes a look at his success with using virtual reality for storytelling and how his team are now using this knowledge to approach commercial industries.

Jack Gillespie

Jack Gillespie

Specialist Director, Digital Reality

Deloitte Digital

Jack leads Deloitte’s Digital Reality team which is one of the longest-running and largest Unity teams in Australia. With over seven years of experience, Jack is an expert creative-technologies solutions-architect.Jack is passionate about using real-time technology to deliver transformational brand experiences, enhance the world using AR, deliver effective training through VR, and revolutionise product personalisation and pre-visualization.

Recent projects include delivering two enterprise digital-retail solutions, two AR experiences to drive national retail campaigns, and designed two cutting edge brand experiences; a Discovery Centre to change hearts and minds and innovative street-furniture.

Jack will be presenting on the topic:

“Where's the boom? Why is enterprise emerging tech so hard?”

Given the rapid advancements in emerging technologies over the past 24 months, why are futurist vendors struggling to make things stick? Join Jack for an exploration of the state of emtech for enterprise. Drawing on personal expertise and industry connections Jack will break down the big challenges, opportunities and danger zones that every innovation project faces. With value for both buyers and vendors alike, come hear a good-natured rant about how the world could be so much better if we could all just get on the same page when it comes to innovation!

Chris Ebeling

Chris Ebeling

Creative Lead

UTS Animal Logic Academy

Driven by crafting unique visual experiences for Film, TV, Games and emerging technologies, Chris Ebeling is a world-class Animator, Creative Director and Digital Artist with experience on Hollywood blockbuster films such as The Lego Movie, The Great Gatsby , Gods of Egypt and Happy feet 2.

Currently acting as the Creative Lead for the Animal Logic Academy at the University of Technology, Sydney, Chris uses his wealth of industry experience to mentor young artists to become the creators of the future. He guides them through a co-creation and innovation process while testing the boundaries of current and emerging technologies through a first of its kind' Masters of Animation and Visualisation.'

The MAV (Masters of Animation and Visualisation) is an intensive program which is delivered in an immersive, professional setting that emulates the working environment of highly creative and technology driven studios of animation, digital visual effects and computer generated imagery industries. The course encompasses digital dexterity, critical and creative thinking, invention, innovation, visualisation and virtualisation with a range of emerging technologies: fostering the leading edge capabilities that will radically expand their problem solving capacity which is vital in the ever changing world. Artists are challenged and mentored to develop these skills and knowledge, and how to transfer them to the established and emerging CGI industries, both in Australia and internationally.

With his extensive experience in CG film and games development coupled with his passion for Virtual and Mixed Reality, Chris hopes to contribute to a greater understanding of these new interactive digital platforms and help push the capabilities of these emerging technologies.

Chris will be presenting on the topic:

“UTS Animal Logic and Augmented Reality Development”

Chris will present the unique AR applications developed at the academy, and offer insight to the development of these projects, plus tips and tricks when developing for emerging technologies.

Stephanie Brownlee

Stephanie Brownlee

R&D Product Manager

Faethm AI

Focussed on Human Centred AI, experienced in technology consulting across strategy, product design and engagement. Stephanie pivoted from Deloitte Digital to Faethm AI, the World's data source for navigating 4IR.

Faethm is an AI platform that is the world's data source for the Future of Work, an analytics tool that employs machine learning to model and plan for the plausible future impacts of AI on economies, organisations and their workers. . Launched in 2017, has been bought by government and enterprise customers in 18 industries and 13 countries, in Asia, Europe and North America. Faethm  has been the the 1st company in Australia, 2nd in Asia and 16th globally to be invited to join the World Economic Forum's Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Won the ACS Gold award for Best New Disruptive Tech Platform and the UK Government's Dept International Trade "Tech Rocketship" award for AI.

Faethm AI back and author Human Centred AI to be ethics-led, power meaningful work and solve incredible problems. Stephanie co-leads research/design and advises clients on leveraging data to future proof their people.

 Cameron Barrie

Cameron Barrie

Founder & CEO


As the Founder and CEO of Bilue, Cameron helps companies uncover opportunities and solve problems through the use of mobile and emerging technologies. He’s created a team with the ability to inspire, imagine, and deliver creative solutions, working alongside customers to build digital platforms that serve business and user goals. To get there, Bilue focuses on the delivery of inspired products, beginning with strategy, through design, development, delivery, and iteration.

Throughout this journey, Cameron has been passionate about digital product development, and innovative technologies. With over 15 years experience working with digital and technology companies, creating his own business, built on agile and innovative practices where disruption is the key strategy, the knowledge and experience Cameron has gathered is invaluable, and his passion is infectious.

Cameron's presentation topic is:

"How technology is reshaping the way we work"

The mobile first workplace isn't the future, it's the now

Sean Gardner

Sean Gardner

Co-Founder & CEO

Emanate - Blockchain Music

Sean is an Australian technology entrepreneur and digital media industry professional, currently leading the development of a revolutionary blockchain music platform. Sean co-founded Blockchain Music Pty Ltd in 2017, launching Emanate, the initial product release in 2019.

Sean has spent 14 years delivering bleeding-edge digital media and creative technology solutions for bluechip brands and top-tier international creative networks including world-first solutions in VR, AR, social media and other highly experimental areas of technology.

Sean's work has been awarded internationally and shared with audiences around the world including Blockchain Live in London and SXSW in Austin Texas.

You can read about Sean's background here: https://seang.me

Sean will be presenting on the topic:

“Blockchain - the start of a Golden Era for the music industry”

Roger Lawrence

Roger Lawrence



A successful technology executive, with broad experience in all aspects of advising enterprise executives, managing high-calibre technologists and facilitating business results across both infrastructure and development domains.

Chief Technologist and strategic advisor for business and government covering topics that include; innovation, the Internet of Things, wearable computing, applications modernisation, unified communications, Big Data, social media, security, mobile computing and cloud tech.

A startup entrepreneur who empowers other professionals through innovation in the latest technologies, including IoT, wearable computing and 3D printing.


Tim Lea

Tim Lea

CEO, Fractonium

Blockchain evangelist, advisor, and investor

Tim is a blockchain evangelist, advisor, and investor. He is CEO of Fractonium, developing a funding platform that turns traditional Corporate Funding on its head. By tokenising the fractional ownership of assets, revenue flows and debt, we enable organisations to increase their funding flexibility globally by blending tradeable, programmable tokens into the traditional capital stack of debt and equity. This creates new financing models and markets globally, creating new opportunities for ambitious corporates and their shareholders. Tim is an active cryptocurrency investor, as well as being a regular local and international speaker, trainer and writer on the strategic applications of the Blockchain, including authoring the leading Blockchain Book - Down the Rabbit Hole. His linkedin profile can be seen HERE.

Time will be presenting on the topic:

“Facebook’s Libra digital currency - armageddon for the banks? What is it and where are the opportunities?”

With Facebook’s Libra digital currency set to launch in 2020, with 2.5bn customers this could have the potential to create the world’s largest financial services company with Facebook at its helm. And with the Digital Renminbi (being launched by the Chinese Central Bank on 11th November this year) coming out as a direct competitor for Libra the global domination of the evolving digital currency space is up for grabs and is set to get red-hot. With the Chinese involvement it will become a significant geo-political challenge given the USA’s view on China currently. Will China dominate the global space as the internet of information turns to the internet of value?

Suchet Bargoti

Suchet Bargoti


Abyss Solutions

Suchet Bargoti is the CTO at Abyss Solution, leading the technical vision for data driven infrastructure assessments. Working with a team of roboticists, data scientists, software and civil engineers, the company leads innovation in robotics and A.I. to provide unique and valuable asset management insights. Abyss operates across a range of markets such as the water sector, shipping and Oil & Gas, where it manages and processes terabytes of visual data, efficiently returning comprehensive review of critical assets.

Suchet comes from a background and passion in field robotics, with a particular focus in enabling machines to perceive the world around and make autonomous data-driven decisions. Before Abyss, Suchet completed his PhD at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics at the University of Sydney, Australia. His research impacted autonomy, data gathering and decision making in the agricultural domain, particularly targeting how drones and visual data can be used to monitor farm heath. Beyond this research, Suchet has also engaged with projects in urban automation, underwater mapping and space exploration. Experience in such diverse set of applications allows him to lead and grow the technical vision at Abyss Solutions.

Suchet's presentation at Convergence:

'Field Robotics, VR and Machine Learning for Remote Inspections'

Robotic systems are increasingly being used to reduce costs, risks and disruptions associated with structural inspections of remote assets such as ships, offshore rigs and underwater pipelines. These systems can enable dense high quality data capture, which allow for accurate remote inspections without having a person on site. Designing and deploying robotics platforms pose a range of challenges in different industries. Furthermore, conventional manual data processing is often laborious, sparse and prone to subjective bias, which results in incomplete and inaccurate understanding of the structural health of assets. This talk presents key innovation in field robotics, machine learning and data analytics, that are addressing these challenges and are transforming how infrastructure inspections industry.

Jed Fisher

Jed Fisher

Managing Partner

4D Pipeline

Jed Fisher is a cofounder and Managing Partner of 4D Pipeline, is a strategy, design, and development firm. Here he helps companies build great products people love. Specializing in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, web, and mobile. Customers include some of the "best of the best" such as AUDI, BMW Mini, Epic Games, IKEA, Adidas, VANS, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Xerox PARC, Unity Technologies, Dassault Systèmes, SolidWorks, TurboSquid, Honeywell, and many other leading brands (both startups and Global 1000s). We've 225+ projects under our belt and over 75+ satisfied customers around the world.

Jed has led product strategy, product development, and companies before, and has significant hands on experience working with high growth companies. He has worked extensively with product and app building, 3D computer graphics, manufacturing, AEC, consumer apps, and entertainment/gaming industries. He has built and delivered over a hundred products to market, and played a key role in generating hundreds of millions in revenue for amazing companies.

Based out of Sydney, Australia. 4D Pipeline has offices in Silicon Valley, Europe, and now Australia. Jed also comments and blogs on 3D, AR, VR, and related topics on his blog.4Dpipeline.com or follow him on twitter @4Dpipeline

Jed's presentation topic:

“Using VR and AR for Digital Marketing and Retail Sales”

Jed will be discussing digital marketing and retail options that are now possible with realtime 3D, Virtual-Reality, Augmented-Reality, and mixed reality experiences (and how these can reach and sell more product). He will share examples from personal experiences and past work and how these technologies have helped his customers.

He'll cover Virtual-Reality, HoloLens, and Augmented-Reality experiences and share and show real world examples. Specifically looking at approaches he has developed for AUDI and BMW and other Global 100 brands. The focus will be on helping people get started with these technologies by identifying the best opportunities, the value and ROI, and the vision to be shared.

Nathan Musson

Nathan Musson

Chief Marketing Officer


Nathan has designed, created and delivered hyper personalised experiences for education, tourism & hospitality, elite & world champion athletes, fashion icons, and now his favourite toy brand - LEGO

Working with the world’s oldest tech company (IBM) and the very creative (Adobe) to transform the way we communicate and engage. Using a mixture of traditional and machine learning (Ai) techniques to design and create personalised storytelling based on personality, behaviour, and intent delivered at mass scale.

Now CMO of EMMET & building the future of LEGO by creating a community where dreamers and doers are empowered by play!

Nathan's presentation topic at Convergence:

“Designing Hyper-Personalised Experiences with AI”

Can Ai be used to deliver hyper-personalised experiences to help people take the right actions, solve problems that matter and design the future to be better for us all?

Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston



Ben Johnston is CEO and founder of venture studio Josephmark. He has spent more than 15 years developing a portfolio of over 20 ventures across Australia, Europe and the USA, consulting on digital strategy with a specialty in venture validation, identifying market gaps and future trends. These ventures include motion design studio Breeder, indigenous creative agency Gilimbaa and trending music platform We Are Hunted, which was acquired by Twitter in 2012. 

Ben works between Brisbane, Los Angeles, Sydney and Stockholm creating and validating ventures that have been featured in the App Store, won national and international innovation awards and spawned a huge number of inspired business ventures throughout the digital product industry, Ben’s track record in leading acquisitions and raising millions of dollars for various ventures has cemented Ben as an influential figure within Australia and America’s business communities, and garnered him a global track record that led his team’s office to expand to LA in 2012. 

As Josephmark’s Founder, Ben leads a multidisciplinary team who consistently create, launch and grow innovative digital ventures, delivering meaningful digital experiences that shape the future of how people discover, interact and share online. Having partnered with people like David Fincher, Carlos Slim, Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, Ben and his team also consult for companies like Red Bull, Clipchamp, CBA, World Economic Forum and HBO. 

His fearlessness in pushing the envelope fuels Josephmark, a business with an entrepreneurial reputation for operating at the very forefront of the multiple industries it encompasses. 

Ben will be presenting on the topic:

“Venturing - The Daring Pursuit”

Yan Chen

Yan Chen

Co-Founder & CEO

LENS Immersive

Co-Founder and CEO of LENS, Yan Chen leads Technical Development at LENS Immersive; An innovative Deep tech development team spread across offices in Australia, Canada, China and Hong Kong. LENS develops encompassing and unique tech IP across next generation compression, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Virtual/Augmented/Immersive Reality and niche digital frontier practices.

As CEO and CTO of LENS Yan is responsible for developing, project leading and directing commercially viable new technologies that address key industry concerns across all areas of data delivery, including Virtual and Augmented Reality, data compression and online streaming. LENS Immersive, co-founded with Travis Rice in 2015 is a leading global deep tech innovator that produces high-level compression algorithms for a diverse range of industries. Continually building with the intention of providing global business's with the highest speed possible for delivery of video and dimensional data.

Before working at LENS, Yan has successfully managed processes and projects in some of the most demanding corporate, film and tech environments. 

Rising from the ranks of Fortune 500 companies such as Disney and Dreamworks, Yan developed and managed complex projects for many different verticals with a precision focus on lean development in Technology, Media and Entertainment. As an executive level manager on projects with hundreds of employees, Yan has coordinated teams towards large enterprise level undertakings. These undertakings have encompassed multi-year initiatives with billion dollar outcomes and have directed him towards his own initiatives currently underway at LENS.

Yan is working in the front lines of technology at the intersection of art and science.Current developments:





Cindy Lenferna de la Mott

Cindy Lenferna de la Mott



With over 25 years as an expansive leader of people, reputable driver of commercial success and passionate storytelling, Cindy offers a rare breadth of experience, depth of valuable networks, and wealth of knowledge.

Highly experienced in business operations, from founding and bootstrapping lucrative tech startups to leading end-to-end business across global corporates, Cindy’s constant is for business to have customer experience as its north star, and employee engagement at its heart.

A woman of action, Cindy makes things happen by harnessing collaboration within leadership teams, fostering positive culture, managing risk by applying sound decision making through data intelligence and impeccable judgement.

Cindy’s vision and understanding of ‘what is around the corner’, and the effects of working in the future, drives her purpose to effectively prepare and implement digital and growth strategies so that companies, and people can adapt to rapidly evolving market and customer expectations - in time.

Cindy’s ultimate value within an organisation goes beyond what she achieves, to how she achieves results by ‘unlocking the people potential’ to drive competitive advantage. In Cindy’s experience, developing an engaged, positive culture is what drives real, valuable and lasting change. It’s where the magic happens.

Cindy's core expertise includes; the Future Of Work, Expansive Leadership, Innovation and Technology, Customer and Relationship Driven.

Cindy joins the panel discussion:

“The Future of Work”

Charles Young

Charles Young



Headhunter and Consultant specializing in the Digital, Mobile, Startups & bleeding edge tech such as A.I., Computer Vision, Data Science, IoT, Hardware and MedTech. Connecting people and businesses throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

Charles is a passionate, ethical and committed Headhunter. Over the years he has built a very large and deep network of people and businesses spanning Australia, NZ and Asia.

He provides strategic business and technology advice for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies across the Asia Pacific region. His network stretches across the Asia Pacific region and includes technology innovators, venture capitalists, technology vendors, designers and developers, marketing strategists, C-level directors and other commercial influencers. As a result, he can connect businesses with new markets and sales channels, solve specific business problems with cutting-edge technology, connect your big ideas to talented, affordable developers across the region.

Specialties: Headhunting and Recruiting, Contracting, Consulting, Start-ups, Careers advise, Digital Technologies, Internet, Digital Media, Mobile & Games Development, Software Development, User Experience, AI, ML and Deep Learning (Computer Vision and NLP), Data Science, IoT, Hardware, Medical and Financial Technology, Pre-Sales & Strategic Lead Generation, Capital Raising and Business Strategy.

 Fiona Anson

Fiona Anson

Advisor, The Jobs Agenda

Advisory Board Member - UTS Advanced MBA

Fiona consults to Education, Industry, Government and Communities to assist them understand the evolving world of work and how to best get, and keep, people in jobs.

Spearheading the annual national initiative, The Jobs Agenda, a national discussion on work, Fiona is a thought leader, speaker and influencer, leading the conversation around jobs, education and the future of work.

Fiona is on the Advisory Board of the University of Technology, Sydney’s (UTS) Advanced MBA program and is a former national board member of the AIIA, Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem.

She is a mentor at UTS's startups programme and an industry partner for their Bachelor of Technology and Innovation degree. Fiona also mentors at Remarkables, an accelerator for products, services and technology for the Disability sector, and for the Tech Ready Women program. She has also been a mentor and judge at TiE Women’s Create-a-thon, as well as a teacher of commercialising business ideas and creating partnerships at General Assembly.

Fiona is an award-winning businesswoman winning Sydney Businesswomen of the Year, the American Express Award for the fastest growing business in Australia and has been a NSW state finalist for the Telstra Businesswomen of the Year.

She has been the go-to Business Expert for the Daily Telegraph and Channel 9 and is regularly featured in the media, most recently on SkyNews and in The Australian talking about the growing skills gap in Australia. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, supporting youth, inclusion and diversity, millennials, education, women in business and social responsibility.

Fiona joins the panel discussion:

“The Future of Work”

Penny Wong

Penny Wong

CEO, Radmis

Emerging Technology Consultant

With the vision of a futurist, experience of a technologist, mindset of an entrepreneur and heart of a humanist, Penny is an emerging technology consultant and Director/CEO of Radmis, an AI enabled enterprise platform helping clients bring their systems to life through AI, natural language voice to realise opportunities, efficiency, cost gains through automation and digital transformation.

Penny’s lifetime mission is to utilise AI to transform the Aged Care sector. She advocates technology for good, in connecting people and helping to create profound and positive impacts to society. Penny is a Supervisory Council member for SingularityNET (robot Sophia), works with Australian State and Federal governments, connects with the global community across ecosystems and networks, speaking in Australia and overseas on topics such as successful business in 4IR, governance, diversity, ethics in AI, decentralised systems and sustainability. As a Partner at Lindendale Group she focuses on innovation in government, facilitating leadership and industry collaboration.

Penny studied computer science, holds a Grad Cert of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, as well as a Master of International Business & Law from the University of Sydney.

 Penny joins the panel discussion:

“The Future of Work”

Kelly-Ann Denton

Kelly-Ann Denton

Chief Visual Officer


Kelly-Ann Denton is the Director of Creative Learning at imagineer.me, an agency which works with The Visual Mind and Neuroscience in order to guide individuals toward more innovative and pre-determined realities.

Commencing a visual language and visual culture practice in 1993 she holds a post graduate degree in Visual Art and is partnered with Professor David Alais, School of Psychology - University of Sydney to instruct learning and comprehension based on 93% of all we understand: vision, sight and perception.

Kelly-Ann has designed visual education and imagination programs for two decades and written curricula for universities, government (state and federal), not for profit, and international corporations as well as individuals. The material has been consistently updated with new research related to the visual mind and neuroplasticity and she leads in the field of visual learning for adults. Her expertise is founded on a comprehensive understanding of how we see, how we imagine and how we remember in order to make sense of our environments and create new realities.

Kelly-Ann has informed and lectured internationally at such institutions as Scuola superiore Sant’Anna Pisa where she was associated with the Virtual Reality (VR) team informing how our perception of reality is fluid based on how we process what we see.

Kelly-Ann is moderating the panel discussion:

“The Future of Work”

Peter Carr

Peter Carr


Australian Apps Co

Renowned for ground breaking work in VR and AI, Peter is one of Australia's most accomplished technology strategists, having developed and implemented innovation strategies for many businesses and governments. Peter developed a strategic plan for the UK Government that digitally transformed the UK's third largest industry, generating tens of billions for the UK economy and creating thousands of jobs. He also founded and grew the B2B marketplace Giff Gaff into a billion dollar company. Peter is also a speaker and educator on innovation, technology, and strategy, who has presented to over 50,000 people.

VIP Guests

Anna Murray

Anna Murray


Australian Industry & Defence Network

With over 15 years experience in service and solutions in the Information Technology and design industry, an active member of AIDN NSW since 2003 and President AIDN NSW since 2019. As we enter an exciting time for Defence Industry in NSW, there is a strong Executive and committee in place to execute our strategy and to show consistent and strong value back to our membership. Working with Government and the private sector to make use of the burgeoning technologies for reality modelling and digital transformation. This technology can support IoT, Smart Cities as well as VR and AR.

Steve Wooderson

Steve Wooderson

Executive General Manager

Siemens Building Technologies ANZ

Smart infrastructure from Siemens intelligently connects energy systems, buildings and industries to adapt and evolve the way we live and work. We work together with customers and partners to create an ecosystem that intuitively responds to the needs of people and helps customers to better use resources. It helps our customers to thrive, communities to progress and supports sustainable development.

Smart infrastructure supports the way we all want to live – happily, comfortably and sustainably. It helps industry and organisations to be efficient, responsible and smarter.

Technology and the ingenuity of people come together from the macro to the micro level, from physical products, components and systems to connected, cloud-based digital offerings and services. From intelligent grid control and electrification to smart storage solutions, from building automation and control systems to switches, valves and sensors. Siemens offers a broad portfolio of grid control and automation; low- and medium-voltage power distribution, switching and control; and building automation, fire safety and security, HVAC control and energy solutions.

Steven Spizer

Steven Spizer

Vice President, CTS Banks & Public Sector Group Australia & NZ


Institutional Clients Group : CTS : Banks & Public Sector Group Australia New Zealand Responsible for Global Financial Institution, Public Sector, and Non-Bank Financial Institution Relationship Management, Solutions and Sales covering global Cash Management, Clearing, Payments, FX, Cards & Trade across the Australia and New Zealand markets.

John Best

John Best

Vice President, Chief Technical Officer

Thales Australia

John joined ADI Limited in 2003, initially responsible for the operations of Advanced Systems, he led the integration of this business into the wider ADI and its transformation into a centre for research and development. During this period he also directed ADI's bid to supply the Army with tactical unmanned aerial vehicles. In April 2005 John was appointed general manager strategy within the Electronic Systems business group.

Following a brief period in the role of chief technologist, John was appointed vice president, Technology, Research and Development upon the formation of Thales Australia. In this role he has overall responsibility for the technical capability of the company, which encompasses technical strategy, research and development, innovation, engineering process and engineering development. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with First Class Honours in Physics from the University of Queensland, a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Wollongong and an MBA from the University of Adelaide.

Turlough Guerin

Turlough Guerin

Board Chair

Ag Institute Australia (AIA)

Ag Institute Australia (the trading name of The Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology) is committed to promoting the advancement of Australian Agriculture and Natural Resource Management in accord with sound scientific developments and represents professionals involved in these areas. AIA has taken the lead in development of Professional Standards, accreditation process and a code of ethics for members.

Ag Institute Australia is the peak industry body for agricultural and natural resource management professionals. Ag Institute Australia is committed to advancing the profession, and the application of science and technology, for the sustainable development of agriculture and natural resource management in Australia.

Amanda Hogan

Amanda Hogan


ICT Educators NSW

The ICT Educators of New South Wales is a professional organisation designed to support ICT educators in New South Wales.

 ICTENSW represents all teachers’ interests at local, state and national level (Australian Council for Computers in Education). It advocates on matters of curriculum and equity, and promotes best practice in the use of ICT in learning.

ICTENSW provide resources, professional development and a network of collegial support.

Ryan Gonsalves

Ryan Gonsalves

Head of Group Strategy


Innovation, Strategy and Change in financial services. Lead an accomplished team who focus on consumer and small business banking innovation; competitor movements; establishing then running the programme management office; improving the delivery of maintenance and enhancement changes, project management of strategic business priorities and banking change management.

Val Theisz

Val Theisz

Director Regulatory & Clinical Affairs, Code of Practice

Medical Technology Association of Australia

The Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) is the national association representing companies in the medical technology industry. MTAA aims to ensure the benefits of modern, innovative and reliable medical technology are delivered effectively to provide better health outcomes to the Australian community.

MTAA represents manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology used in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management of disease and disability. The range of medical technology is diverse with products ranging from familiar items such as syringes and wound dressings, through to high-technology implanted devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, hip and other orthopaedic implants. Products also include hospital and diagnostic imaging equipment such as ultrasounds and magnetic resonance imaging machines.

MTAA members distribute the majority of the non-pharmaceutical products used in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and disability in Australia. Our member companies also play a vital role in providing healthcare professionals with essential education and training to ensure safe and effective use of medical technology.

Simon Horrocks

Simon Horrocks

Regional Vice President, Australia & New Zealand


AppDynamics is an application performance monitoring solution that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide real-time visibility and insight into IT environments. With our unique AIOps solution, you can take the right action at exactly the right time with automated anomaly detection, rapid root-cause analysis, and a unified view of your entire application ecosystem, including private and public clouds. Using AppDynamics, you’ll finally align IT, DevOps, and the business around the information that helps you protect your bottom line and deliver flawless customer experiences at scale.

Alan Rankins

Alan Rankins

Immediate Past President, AIDN

CEO & Partner, GOAL Professional Services

An Executive member of AIDN National, Contributing to various Defence working groups such as the Capability Development Advisory Forum, AIG Defence Industry Council and the Defence Industry Board. Working with other State AIDN Chapter Presidents and National Executive members to develop a cogent platform and voice for Defence Industry Small to Medium Enterprises.

Tim Davies

Tim Davies

Chief Investment Officer

DigitalX Asset Management

DigitalX is a blockchain and cryptoasset finance company with offices in Perth, Sydney and New York. The company offers advisory services for new token offerings, asset management focused on technology, including Blockchain and crypto assets, and development and media services. Publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as DigitalX limited (ASX:DCC).

Tim is an experienced Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the global finance and investment industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Coaching, Asset Management and Event Management. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Honors Degree of Science focused in Physiology and Psychology from Monash University.

Lior Stein

Lior Stein


Rimon Advisory

Rimon assist entrepreneurs commercialise and grow through: Government Funding, Advisory Services, Venture Funding, We have an astute Executive Team and Advisory Board that truly understand the needs of entrepreneurs. Our Venture Funding arm consists of: Rimon Investments - our early stage seed investment vehicle. Rimon Capital - our vehicle for follow on rounds.

Rimon Investments is our early stage seed investment vehicle. We use our R&D Tax Incentive service as our due diligence on early stage technology opportunities. Our clients that show promise of being the right fit for Rimon Investments are offered an opportunity to pitch to our Investment Committee. Both Rimon Investments and Rimon Capital share a world class Investment Committee (who are also some of the investors). Jon Shein, Steve Nola and Gary Burg are amongst some of the members of the committee.

Dr Nipen Shah

Dr Nipen Shah


IITians Association of Australia

IITians Association of Australia (IITAA) is a non-profit organisation for Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) alumni in Australia and New Zealand. IITAA in Sydney is part of a global network called Pan IIT that links alumni of the IITs worldwide. It provides unique professional and networking opportunities to IITians to maximise their contribution to society. IITAA was formed in Sydney in 2003, and a sister organisation called IIT Alumni of Victoria was formed in Melbourne a few years later.

Peter Hind

Peter Hind

Chief Executive Officer

The HindSight Forum

The HindSight Forum is totally independent and provides an environment free of vendors, research companies, analysts, the press and consultants where ICT executives and their reports can learn from the practical experiences of their peers in other companies. As such, it seeks to cut through the marketing hype that bedevils the ICT industry and to help broaden the business perspectives of the ICT team.


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