Nathan Musson

Nathan Musson

Chief Marketing Officer


Nathan has designed, created and delivered hyper personalised experiences for education, tourism & hospitality, elite & world champion athletes, fashion icons, and now his favourite toy brand - LEGO

Working with the world’s oldest tech company (IBM) and the very creative (Adobe) to transform the way we communicate and engage. Using a mixture of traditional and machine learning (Ai) techniques to design and create personalised storytelling based on personality, behaviour, and intent delivered at mass scale.

Now CMO of EMMET & building the future of LEGO by creating a community where dreamers and doers are empowered by play!

Nathan's presentation topic at Convergence:

“Designing Hyper-Personalised Experiences with AI”

Can Ai be used to deliver hyper-personalised experiences to help people take the right actions, solve problems that matter and design the future to be better for us all?