Jed Fisher

Jed Fisher

Managing Partner

4D Pipeline

Jed Fisher is a cofounder and Managing Partner of 4D Pipeline, is a strategy, design, and development firm. Here he helps companies build great products people love. Specializing in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, web, and mobile. Customers include some of the "best of the best" such as AUDI, BMW Mini, Epic Games, IKEA, Adidas, VANS, AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Xerox PARC, Unity Technologies, Dassault Systèmes, SolidWorks, TurboSquid, Honeywell, and many other leading brands (both startups and Global 1000s). We've 225+ projects under our belt and over 75+ satisfied customers around the world.

Jed has led product strategy, product development, and companies before, and has significant hands on experience working with high growth companies. He has worked extensively with product and app building, 3D computer graphics, manufacturing, AEC, consumer apps, and entertainment/gaming industries. He has built and delivered over a hundred products to market, and played a key role in generating hundreds of millions in revenue for amazing companies.

Based out of Sydney, Australia. 4D Pipeline has offices in Silicon Valley, Europe, and now Australia. Jed also comments and blogs on 3D, AR, VR, and related topics on his or follow him on twitter @4Dpipeline

Jed's presentation topic:

“Using VR and AR for Digital Marketing and Retail Sales”

Jed will be discussing digital marketing and retail options that are now possible with realtime 3D, Virtual-Reality, Augmented-Reality, and mixed reality experiences (and how these can reach and sell more product). He will share examples from personal experiences and past work and how these technologies have helped his customers.

He'll cover Virtual-Reality, HoloLens, and Augmented-Reality experiences and share and show real world examples. Specifically looking at approaches he has developed for AUDI and BMW and other Global 100 brands. The focus will be on helping people get started with these technologies by identifying the best opportunities, the value and ROI, and the vision to be shared.