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Purchase a ticket for the next Convergence Event PLUS get 3 months access to Knowledge (includes 25% discount for the first 10 purchases)

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Purchase a ticket for the next Covergence Event PLUS get 3 months access to Knowledge (includes 25% discount for the first 10 purchases)

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Convergence Knowledge

Availble for Convergence attendees

Our audience have asked for more education, more engagement and more information at Convergence  and we have listened.

We are very proud to be an inaugural partner in Australia and as such we are excited to launch "Convergence Knowledge"

A unique new professional learning system for Members that includes:
  • Pre-eventAt-event and Post-event information and knowledge using where Members can read, comment, like, share and most importantly start communication threads with other users to discuss the topics, collaborate, sharing knowledge and ideas.
  • Videos of the presentations at Convergence 
  • Speaker presentation decks with notes and the facility for Members of Convergence Knowledge to start conversion threads, add comments and ask questions to further engage and learn.
  • Includes previous presentations from Convergence 01 - 05
  • Key information and knowledge from presenters and sponsors, with presentation decks, articles and blog posts for each event.
  • Members can ask questions, mark sections of interest and start a conversation thread with other users, presenters and sponsors.
  • Use of Declara's CognitiveGraph® technology - a system that records and measures your engagement and learning turning the data into a digital record of your real knowledge.
  • Industry community sharing and other great social tools in Declara
  • The ability to learn more about these topics and take part in Declara's amazing social platform.
  • And it's all 100% tax deductible, the same as tickets to Convergence 
  • The first 10 people to purchase tickets will get a 25% discount on Convergence Knowledge.


What is Declara?

Declara is a unique new social platform that empowers users to discover, share and organise what they learn at work. With Declara, users can collate their favourite articles; highlight key insights, and discuss with other people interested in the same topics. Declara is a Silicon Valley-developed technology, which is currently being explored by some of Australia's leading universities. Investors behind the Declara company include Data Collective, Bill Gates, Peter Thiel (PayPal founder), Founders Fund, EDBi (Singapore), Susa Ventures and Catamount Ventures.



Why Convergence Knowledge?

Convergence events are exciting and energising in the moment but a number of factors can hinder you getting the best results.

Imagine if we could take all that energy + excitement and funnel it into long lasting knowledge that made a difference to your business and/or your career.

1) Pre-event Few of us are prepared enough to engage and collaborate before the event. Preparation exponentially accelerates learning, impact and is a driver of change, creating the very best return from opportunities at Convergence.

2) At-event Attending Convergence can revert to "show and tell" or "one-to-many" communication, missing the real value of having a room full of industry peers. Using "many-to-many" interactions can see huge increase in value, growth of networks and collaboration.

3) Post-event We all intend to sustain the collaboration, innovation and connection from Convergence but in reality we lack the toolset and workflow. The greatest value and impact of these events comes afterwards.

We are launching Convergence Knowledge prior to our next event on Thursday 22 October, which will include some of the previous presentations from our last 5 events.

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