Convergence 008 | Sydney Program

This Programme represents the most up-to-date schedule for Convergence 2019 Sydney. All included with your ticket.

Convergence Day Event:
Conference & Expo (SMC, 66 Goulburn St, Sydney CBD 2000)

Convergence Evening Events:
VIP Networking (WeWork, 161 Castlereagh St, Sydney CBD 2000)

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TimeMain SpeakersTopicRound Tables
8:45 - 9:45am Registration
9.00am Convergence 008 Expo start
10:00am Convergence Conference start, opening address Welcome by MC Roger Lawrence
10:05-10:25am Dr Fang Chen, Executive Director Data Science, Distinguished Professor UTS. Artifical Intelligence. “Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning with Impact”
10:25-10:45am Chris Ebeling, Creative Lead, UTS Animal Logic Academy. Immersive story telling, VR, AR, MR, VFX, Film “UTS Animal Logic and Augmented Reality Development”
10:45-11:05am Dr Thomas Starke, CEO, AAAQuants, exRolls-Royce & Senior Researcher Oxford University. Artificial Intelligence for trading, finance, investment “Artificial Intelligence in trading: approaches, challenges and opportunities”  
11:05-11:25am Jeremy Harkins, Director, ineni Realtime & Adjunct Associate Lecturer, VR, AR, Architecture, Planning, Infrastructure and Construction
“Current and future value of virtual space. Looking at what we know and what we imagine”
 11:25-11:45am Sean Gardner, Co-Founder & CEO, Emanate - Blockchain Music “Blockchain - the start of a Golden Era for the music industry”
11:45-12:00pm Stephanie Brownlee, R&D, Faethm AI, Human Centred AI, Future of Work, 4IR “The Future of Work”
12:00-12:30pm Panel Discussion:
"Future Skills & the Future of Work"

Moderator: Kelly-Ann Denton
- Penny Wong
CEO, Radmis, Emerging Technology Consultant
- Fiona Anson, Advisor, The Jobs Agenda. Advisory Board Member - UTS Advanced MBA
- Cindy Lenferna
de la Mott, Co-FounderCo:Lab4
- Charles Young
, Director at Citak

12:30-1:15pm Lunch break Refreshments and Food
1:15pm-1:30pm Tim Lea, CEO, Fractonium “Facebook’s Libra digital currency - armageddon for the banks? What is it and where are the opportunities?”  
1:30-1:45pm Jack Gillespie, Director, Deloitte Digital, Emerging Technlogy, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Gamification “Where's the boom? Why is enterprise emerging tech so hard?”  
1:50-2:05pm Suchet Bargoti, CTO, Abyss Solutions. Robotics, AI, Machine Learning, VR “Field Robotics, VR and Machine Learning for Remote Inspections”
2:10-2:25pm Pete Short, CEO, Dreamr Studio. Virtual Reality, Story Telling, Film, Animation (UK / Aus) “Virtual Reality Storytelling for Commercial Industries” Joanna Popper (USA), Global Head VR, HPexSingularity University and NBCUniversal (USA)
2:25-2:40pm Jed Fisher, Managing Partner, 4D Pipeline. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Immersive (Silicon Valley, USA / Aus)
“Using VR and AR for Digital Marketing and Retail Sales”
2:40-2:55pm Ben Johnston, CEO, Josephmark. Venture Design, Digital strategy, Business, Emerging technology
“Venture Studios”
2:55-3:10pm Nathan Musson, Chief Marketing Officer, EMMET. Hyper-Personalised Experiences, Artificial Intelligence
“Designing Hyper-Personalised Experiences with AI”
3:10-3:25pm Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Chief Data Scientist, NSW Treasury. CEO, NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC) TBA  
3:25-3:40pm Cameron Barrie, Founder & CEO, Bilue. Mobile, AR, IoT, Machine Learning, Emerging Technology “How technology is reshaping the way we work”
3:40-4:00pm Daniel Formoso, Google, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing “Democratizing Artifical Intelligence through cloud services”
4:00-4:15pm Natasha Huang, Country Manager ANZ, UBTECH Robotics. Social Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Automation
“How can the AI you invested in manifest on a robot? Can robots be more then a marketing stunt?”
3:55-4:25pm Joanna Popper (USA), Global Head VR, HP, exSingularity University and NBCUniversal (USA)
“The Latest Trends in Successful VR for your Industry”
4:30-5:00pm Kris Skrinak (New York), Global Artifical Intelligence Segment Lead, Amazon Web Services (USA) “Deep Learning: The Broadest and Deepest Set of Capabilities”
5:00pm Conference & Expo End

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Convergence is equal parts conferencenetworking event and trade show on emerging technology and innovation.

The Conference is for executives from a broad range of industries including: including technology, healthcare, education, property, media, telecommunications, IT, tourism, electronics, marketing, advertising, government, mining, medical, entertainment, automotive, transport, digital, manufacturing and FMCG.

The Convergence combines conference learning on a broad selection of emerging technology, such as Augmented and Mixed Reality, Wearable Technology, the Internet of Things, Robotics, Machine Learning and 3D Printing.

With a Trade Show offers a very rare chance try out some these new technologies from Exhibitors at some of SE Asia's top producers as well as global brands.

And high quality Networking with other executives and industry professionals to grow your peer network, make business connections and hear what is happening across a broad selection of industries and companies. We have set networking sessions, between the conference sessions, that include complimentary canapés and drinks.

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