Wednesday 3 May 2017

12pm - 10pm // Sydney CBD TBA


Convergence 03 Speakers & Panelists (2016)

Final Speaker Line-up, full schedule details on Programme
Marco DeMiroz

Marco DeMiroz, General Partner, Venture Reality Fund (VRVCA based Silicon Valley) • VR • AR • VC • Finance

VR Fund (Silicon Valley)

Weiging Ngang

Weiging Ngang, HTC Vive (Taiwan), Technical Program Manager, Virtual Reality (Vive is the leading VR product) • HUD • Immersive Technology • Innovation

HTC Vive (Taiwan)

Steve Aliferis

Steve Aliferis President APAC, Verifone (Silicon Valley) • FinTech / Finance • Smart Devices • Bio Metrics

Verifone (Singapore)

Professor Hung Nguyen

Professor Hung Nguyen, Assist. Vice-Chancellor, Innovation, Director Health Technologies UTS • Robotics & Machine Learning (Ai/M2M) • Health & Medical Technology • Education, Science & Innovation

UTS Health Robotics

Brett Leavy

Brett Leavy, Director, CyberDreaming and Virtual Song Lines • VR • Acknowledgement to Country • Cultural Heritage Advisor • Education • First Nations Representative

Virtual Song Lines

Vaughan Knight

Vaughan Knight, Technical Evangelism Lead at Microsoft, HoloLens, Microsoft • Augmented Reality • Holographic Computing • Innovation

Microsoft, HoloLens

Dr Steven Scheding

Dr Steven Scheding (PhD, BE), Director Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation, Principal Research Engineer Robotics Sydney University • Robotics • Automation

Rio Tinto

Jaimes Leggett

Jaimes Leggett, Group CEO, M&C Saatchi • AdTech • MarTech • Innovation • Advertising

M&C Saatchi

Aidan Sarsfield

Aidan Sarsfield, Head of Production Technology & Innovation, Animal Logic • VFX • Film & Advertising • Special Effects • Innovation • VR • AR • Ai

Animal Logic

Aaron Spence

Aaron Spence, Founder & CEO, • Google Seaview (XLCatlin Seaview Survey) • Virtual Reality Australian pioneer • 360 panorama video

Darren Woolley

Darren Woolley, Global CEO, TrintyP3 Marketing • MarTech & AdTech • Innovation

TrinityP3 Marketing

Simon Cant

Simon Cant, President FinTech Australia, Co-founder and Managing Director at Reinventure Group • FinTech • Finance • Investment

FinTech Australia

Roger Lawrence

Roger Lawrence, HP Enterprise, Chief Technologist for Innovation ª IoT • VR • AR • Innovation

HP Enterprise

James Mack

James Mack, General Manager, M2M One • Machine to Machine (M2M) • Internet of Things (IoT)

M2M One

Sarah Hibbard

Sarah Hibbard, Corporate Development Manager / Human Factors Consultant, Consilium Technology • VR • AR • Simulation Training • Defense Forces

Consilium Technology

Simon Blyth

Simon Blyth, Managing Director, LX Group • Internet of Things • M2M • Robots • Medical Tech • 3D Holographic Interface Systems

LX Group

Kelly-Ann Denton

Kelly-Ann Denton, Director, • VR • AR • Visual Learning • Neuro Science • Innovation

Ben Wong

Ben Wong, Co-Founder, Academy Xi • Virtual Reality Education • UX Education • Design Thinking • Innovation

Academy Xi

Craig Murphy

Craig Murphy, Cloud Specialist & Internet of Things Innovator, IBM • Internet of Things • Big Data • M2M & Machine Learning


Amit Vohra

Amit Vohra, Human Innovation Lab (Advisory Board), General Manager Integrated Care, Sonic Clinical Services • MedTech • Health Innovation • BioTec

Human Innovation Lab

David Francis

David Francis, Head of Sales APAC, Zappar & Founder Virtual Method • Augmented Reality • Virtual Reality • Internet of Things • Emerging Technology & Inovation

Zappar & Virtual Method

Dawn Routledge

Dawn Routledge, Executive Director, ICT Policy & Innovation NSW Department of Finance, Service & Innovation • Innovation • Finance

Dept. Finance & Innovation

David Zwierzchaczewski

David Zwierzchaczewski, Animation Specialist & Application Engineer, Autodesk • VR Software • AutoCAD • VFX • 3D Studio Max • Maya • Fusion • Smoke • VRED • Alias


Norman Wang

Norman Wang, Director of Business Development at Opaque Multimedia • Virtual Reality • Game Design

Opaque Multimedia

Adrian Esdaile

Adrian Esdaile, Sydney Studio BIM Manager and Senior Architect, Billard Leece Partnership Architects & Urban Planners • VR • robotics

BLP Architects

Aryeh Sternberg

Aryeh Sternberg, Head of Intent APAC - DWA Media • Innovation • VR • AR • IoT

DWA Media

Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey, Innovation Manager, Sydney University • Design Thinking • IoT • Education

Sydney University

Michela Ledwidge

Michela Ledwidge, Founder, Director, Mod Productions • VR • Film • Innovation

Mod Productions

Craig Newlyn

Craig Newlyn, Director / Chief UAV Controller / Commercial Pilot CPL, Droneheadz • Drones • VR • Robotics • Film/TV


Jeff Lockhart

Jeff Lockhart, Head of School, Academy of Interactive Entertainment • VR • Gaming • VFX • Film


Matt Adcock

Matt Adcock, Senior Experimental Scientist & Research Engineer, CSIRO Data61 • Mixed Reality • VR • AR • VFX • M2M • Ai • UX

CSIRO / Data61

Benjamin Richards

Benjamin Richards, Director of Creative Development & Innovation, Cutting Edge • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • VFX & 3D • Film & Post Production

Cutting Edge

Anet Redmer

Anet Redmer, UX & Lean Startup Methodologist, Redmera • UX • Wearable Technology • Smart Devices • Start-ups • Education


Dave Corbin

Managing Director, Catalyst Solutions • Technology VR AR Grants • Business Solutions

Catalyst Solutions

Amber Cordeaux

Amber Cordeaux, Director, Humense • AR • VR • Angel Investor


Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson, Founder / Head of VR Development, novus | res • VR • 360 • VR Camera • Gaming • Education • Simulation

novus | res

Rob Manson

Rob Manson, CEO & Co-founder, • AR • VR • Smart Media • App Dev

Nathan Anderson

Nathan Anderson, COO & Executive Producer, Start VR • VR • Film • Motion Graphics • Advertising

Start VR

Jane Venegas Sproule

Jane Venegas Sproule, Student Manager and Course Producer for Virtual Reality, Academy Xi • VR Education • VR • UX • Education

Academy Xi

James Dellow

James Dellow, Human-centred designer & technology strategist, Chief Technology Solutions • Design Thinking • Education • Emerging Technology

Chief Technology

Anthony Mansour

Anthony Mansour, Director of Mobile & Head of Production, Bendalls Group • Smart Devices • AR • VR • Gaming • Innovation

Bendalls Group


Patrick Catanzariti, Founder DevDiner, technology bloger • VR • AR • IoT


Renald Gallis

Renald Gallis, VP Ecosystem & Marketing, Thinxtra (SIGFOX) • Internet of Things • M2M

Thinxtra (SIGFOX)

Glenn Vassallo

Glenn Vassallo, Senior IoT Solutions Specialist, ThingWorx & Vuforia • Internet of Things • Augmented Reality • Smart Devices • Wearable Technology

Thingworx & Vuforia

Anuraj Gambhir

Anuraj Gambhir, Strategic Advisor & Innovation Catalyst, Avantage Global • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • Smart Devices • Waerable Technology • Internet of Things

Avantage Global

The one guaranteed constant in technology is change and it's adoption is accelerating

We are now seeing a Convergence bringing together separate industries like; IT, telecoms, electronics, manufacturing, media, healthcare, entertainment and education with a blurring of lines as they become one ecosystem.

To explore this we have created a series of events where a diverse group of top industry professionals come together to hear insights from world class speakers, technology brands and thought leaders. Convergence is equal parts conference trade show and networking.

Convergence positions both Sydney and Singapore as hubs for this world changing technical innovation and creativity.

Our next event focuses on:

  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality (VR / AR)
  • Wearable Technology & Smart Devices
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Robotics & Machine Learning (Ai / M2M)


Videos and photos from our previous events


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